Types of Furniture With Drawers


Types of Furniture With Drawers

Chest of drawers, sometimes called a dresser or a bureau, is among the very best, and most often used, items of furniture to have. From bedroom furniture, to outdoor furniture, to office furniture, chest of drawers has a place in everyone’s home. From sheer convenience to beautiful appearance, chest of drawers has truly evolved into a piece of furniture that is indispensable. From being mere storage units to pantries, chests of drawers have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

Today, chests of drawers are often seen not only in homes but also in offices. Office furniture such as desks, dressers and other common furniture found in a typical office setting. Dining room furniture such as dining tables and bars also have some type of chest of drawers installed for easy and convenient access to the foods stored within. Because the drawers are on rollers they can move easily across the room or office. Even kitchens and laundry rooms have some type of this type of furniture installed.

In addition to the very practical use for storage, as was mentioned above, chests of drawers are also very fashionable. Very tall or extremely wide, with high backs or sloped ceilings, many types of chest of drawers have been designed to be very attractive pieces of furniture. With many different styles to choose from, as well as a wide variety of wood and color, chests of drawers are a very fashionable addition to any home or office. Whether you choose to have a very large oak chest of drawers, or something more contemporary such as a sleek, waist-high chest of drawers or French doors with an arched top, you can find exactly what you are looking for.

While there are many different types of this furniture piece, the typical style of chest of drawers is the simple one that attaches to the back of a dresser or to the wall in the room where the dresser or vanity is located. These are the more traditional units that provide good utility and allow a dresser to be dressed up or down with relative ease. Many people still choose to use these as an additional piece of furniture in bedrooms or living rooms, although they are becoming more common as stand-alone units. The reason being is that they still provide just the right amount of storage for the needs of their owners.

The other style of this furniture piece is one that attach to the wall but has a hinged front face that swings open. This face also opens to reveal a closet or other space beneath where the drawer slides. While this type of unit is typically called a chest of drawers or dresser of drawers, it is much different than the standard types of furniture found elsewhere. The sliding doors are generally stationary and do not allow the drawer to swing outward, whereas the standard types will.

It is also important to note that some of the newer styles of chest of drawers are actually attached to the wall by means of a dowel rod or some other fastening mechanism. This means that the entire chest or dresser can be secured to the wall rather than merely having a hinged front face attached to the unit. This results in a much neater appearance and also increases the storage needs of this type of furniture piece. While they do not look as grand as the standard ones, they can definitely provide just the right amount of storage for most people’s storage needs.

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